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Due to our recent purchase of the Sirona Inlab System & Milling Machine we can now offer a Sirona Connect Service where using your Optical Impression Scanners you can then send the digital files to our Portal for processing and manufacturing.

Benefits to the Dentist are :

  • Using an Optical Impression saves you time and money
  • More comfortable for your clients
  • Digital Impressions won`t distort, this results in precision impressions
  • The digital Impression can be seen immediately by yourself and the Dental Technician
  • Meaning you could discuss the case over the phone, whilst the patient is still in chair.
  • High quality Ceramics and finishing are achieved.

In a few simple steps you can send your Digital Impression to the Lab for production :

  • Prepare tooth
  • Scan prep with Apollo Scanner
  • Review on screen instantly and make any adjustments necessary
  • Send digital image to the Lab for production

The Apollo Scanner is a cost effective way into the Digital Industry, there are introduction and clinical videos available from Sirona Connect web site .